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About Smoky River Outfitting

A Tribute to Our Founder, Greg Sutley (1973-2019)

Greg Sutley, Founder of Smoky River Outfitting (June 30, 1973 - April 22, 2019)

A Tribute to Our Founder, Greg Sutley (1973-2019)

It is with our deepest regrets and heavy hearts to inform you that Greg Sutley, owner and founder of Smoky River Outfitting, passed away this Spring in a tragic river boating accident. Greg was a great father, loving husband, and a very accomplished outfitter. Greg's passion for kids, family, community and the outdoors lead him to starting Smoky River Outfitting at the age of 24.

Since starting the business, it was his #1 priority to run one of the most successful outfitting businesses in Northern Alberta. With the business running for the last 23 years, it is the wish of Greg's family to keep his legacy going by continuing on with the outfitting. Greg' son, Reed Sutley, who is 18 has stepped up and shown a lot of interest stepping into his father's shoes. These are very big shoes to fill, and will take a few years to grow into them.

With that being said, we have enlisted the help of one of Greg's good friends and guide to help run and organize the business until Reed is ready to take over. We hope to have many more good years and hunts to come.

Tara Sutley